Un cadeau de graduation précieux


Histoire super touchante de ce papa dévoué qui a offert un cadeau précieux à sa fille qui terminait le secondaire il y a deux semaines. Précieux = a coûté 20$ et a pris 13 ans à faire.

« Tous les ans, depuis les treize dernières années, depuis le jour où tu as commencé la maternelle, j’ai demandé à chaque professeur, entraîneur et directeur d’écrire un petit quelque chose à propos de toi dans ce livre. »

I graduated High School this week. When my Dad said he had a present for me I thought I was getting some cheesy graduation card. But what I received was something truly priceless. Following the ceremony he handed me a bag with a copy of « Oh the Places You’ll Go, » by Doctor Seuss inside. At first I just smiled and said that it meant a lot and that I loved that book. But then he told me « No, open it up. » …On the first page I see a short paragraph written by none other than my kindergarten teacher. I start tearing up but I’m still confused. He tells me « Every year, for the past 13 years, since the day you started kindergarten I’ve gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book. » He managed to keep this book a secret for 13 years, and apparently everyone else in my life knew about it! Yes the intended effect occured… I burst out in tears. Sitting there reading through this book there are encouraging and sweet words from every teacher I love and remember through my years in this small town. My early teachers mention my « Pigtails and giggles, » while my high school teachers mention my « Wit and sharp thinking.. » But they all mention my humor and love for life. It is astounding to receive something this moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful. I can’t express how much I love my Dad for this labor of love.